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The Ezer Team

Kecia St Clair

Executive Director and Founder

Kecia is a mother of 3 biological children and countless bonus and spiritual children. She is also a Gigi of 5 beautiful grandbabies.

Kecia has an AAS degree in Accounting system’s administration, BS in Accounting, completion of Bible college, certified business analyst, CPA candidate and certified tax preparer. She is also certified in mental health first aid, a business consultant, entrepreneur, philanthropist and apprenticing pastor.

At the time the Lord gave her the vision for Ezer she was 38 years old. At that moment she realized that she's had a total of 43 men women and children that have lived with her and her family throughout her adult life. 

Kecia has firsthand lived experience in homelessness as well as many of the situations and circumstances that lead to homelessness. This gives Ezer a unique insight and perspective to be able to relate in fostering hope for those we assist.


Fun Fact: Kecia was a runner-up in the Little Miss America Pageant when she was 7 years old.

Ashley Staley

Assistant Director

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Tamia Copeland

Program Administrator

Tamia Copeland boldly and passionately uses creative expression and compassion to remind people of their worth. Though once feeling called and compelled to entrepreneurship, she realized that her greater passion and call was to partner with God through her entrepreneurial ventures to bridge the gap between God, the lost, and the brokenhearted. She’s a vessel used to help people identify, embrace, and operate in their God-given identity. Since obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Old Dominion University in 2019, she has become a self published author and #1 best-selling author of a book she co-wrote. She has seen how her heart for people and her innate abilities and interests have enabled her to be able to meet people where they are and help push them closer to where they are destined to be. Being an all around creative that desires to inspire, encourage, and motivate others to share their personal story in an effort to produce purpose out of pain, she lives to serve God and others well. She desires to create safe spaces for people to connect and feel accepted not because of what they do, but simply for who they are. 

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